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 Our Web Application's are 100% Microsoft Free, apps written in Perl, Extropia, MySQL and run on Linux servers.

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Here at Country Stores we provide on line store services. We offer both a common site to share selected products and hosting for your on line store. Our store application is programmed to interact with's Site software. providing a system of detailed information about your products and a means to accept sales directly and promote sales on other hosted sites that you have a relationship with.

You can order on line for pick up at any participating member store.

  • Lumby: Honey only now available at Thrift store,
  • Skye Farms. The frequent many markets, garlic festivals and road side attractions.
  • Enderby: The Gypsy Bazaar FaceBook

Shops we are affiliated with.
  • Ebay itemsgopro
  • Books
    • Chelsea Green Publishing - the leading publisher of sustainable living books since 1985.
  • Electronics
  • Green
    • zoom
    • Good line of low end altpower products. Look under automotive.Our Flyerbanner


Last Update December 29, 2014

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